Three Phase Motors

Most of the electric energy produced is distributed in alternating current (AC), which justifies the wide use of this type of electric motors. Three-phase alternating current motors operate under the same principle as single-phase motors, 0.5 hp 56 motors ie under the action of a rotating magnetic field generated in the stator, thereby causing a magnetic force in the rotor. These two magnetic fields act in conjunction, forcing the rotor to rotate. The mechanical construction of AC motors is simpler than that of AC motors. Hence, they are most often used in the industry.

It is necessary to check the structure, types and characteristics of the operation of three-phase alternating current motors and for this you need to have knowledge about magnetism and electromagnetism, electromagnetic induction and alternating current. AC motors are less complex than DC motors. In addition, the lack of mobile contacts in its structure guarantees its operation for a long period without obligation of maintenance. The speed in AC motors is guaranteed by the frequency of the power supply, which provides excellent conditions for its operation at constant speeds.

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